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Eco' Driving

Eco’ driving

Eco’ driving just means a smarter and more fuel-efficient way of driving. This style of driving as taught by us here at Coles Driving Academy represents the current and new way of advanced driving that enables you to make the best use of advanced vehicle technologies, and driving skills, whilst improving road safety and contributing to climate protection and pollution reduction.

Eco’ driving – The Benefits 

  • Less down-time due to maintenance and repairs
  • Savings on fuel (5-25%+ in the long-term) 
  • Savings on tyres, spares and lower vehicle maintenance costs in general
  • Enhanced company image
  • Positive effect on the environment due to reduced greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) 
  • Fewer local air pollutants
  • Noise reduction
  • Improve road safety  
  • Reduce costs of accidents
  • Enhance driving skills  
  • Less stress while driving 
  • Higher comfort for drivers and passengers

The cost of the course will be:- 

 The cost of the course will be:- 

• ½ day £120.00 

• 1 day £220.00 

• 1 ½ days £310.00 

• 2 Days £420.00 

Note - A copy of the police driving handbook RoadCraft or similar will be included in full day price.

• Hourly rates are £41.00 per hour (Road Craft not Included)Driver Risk Assessment Reports

If you are driving for work and require a detailed driver risk assessment report we can provide this along with an action plan if further training or practice needs to be carried out, the report will show details of the driver’s skills and any potential risk areas an additional cost may be occurred.

If you would like further information regarding Eco or Advanced driving call now on 02920 315 355 or email us by using our contact page.

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