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ADI Part 1

Part 1

The Theory and Hazard Perception Test for potential driving instructors (PDI’S) is split into two tests. 

The theory test is in 4 bands and each band consists of 25 questions. 100 questions in total and you have to obtain a pass mark of 85 or above, however you must obtain a minimum of 20 correct answers in each band. The test is taken on a computer where you will have to select your answers by using a mouse or touching the screen where touch screens are available.

The Hazard Perception Test is again carried out on a computer and the test will start after three minutes of completing the theory test. The test will contain 14 video clips each lasting about one minute. Each clip contains one or more various hazards and you have to respond to them by pressing the mouse button as soon as you see the hazard developing. There are 15 score able hazards in total. The earlier you respond the higher your score. A total of 75 points are available and you have to score at least 57 or above to pass.

A fail in either of these tests mean that you will have to resit the two tests again.

For the Part 1 test we supply the following to assist you.

Part 1 Study pack                                                       

  • Highway Code
  • Driving - The Essential Skills
  • Know your Traffic Signs
  • The official guide to learning to drive
  • The Driving Instructors Handbook
  • Theory Questions and Answers covering Bands 1 – 4
  • Theory & Hazard Perception CD if required


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*Note Examination fees are extra, T & C’s apply.

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