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Motorway Tuition

Driving on a motorway its fast and often furious, how to stay out of trouble when everyone around you seems hell bent on breaking the law. This will be a practical session to enable you to gain experience. The topics we cover include, motorway rules, planning journeys in advance, joining and leaving a motorway, safe speeds in different circumstances, effective observation and anticipation, signs, signals and markings, lane discipline, courtesy to other road users, how the smart or managed motorways work, fatigue and breakdown procedures.

Learn how the new smart motorway works which include live lanes and the ATM (Automatic Traffic Management). Learn how to read the road to how when the speed limit may change.


Motorways in the UK are the safest roads you can drive on however if you have found yourself involved in a collision we could assist with restoring confidence on driving on these roads again. 

Currently learner drivers are not allowed on to a motorway to gain practice, as soon as you pass an “L” test it would be wise to gain experience and here at Coles riving Academy we have experienced instructors that teach you how to be safe on these road.

Please Call us to book a motorway driving session, maybe you prefer to carryout our Pass Plus course instead, just click on the link for further information, you may be eligible for a discount on your insurance once the Pass Plus course is completed.

Smart motorway Driving

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