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The Instructors

Meet the Coles Driving Academy Instructors

Hi my name is Anthony I'm the proprietor of Coles Driving Academy, please scroll down the page to meet our other instructors, I opened the academy in 2001 and since then we have gone from strength to strength. We have grown mainly by our recommendations which make us very proud, we work hard to ensure that you, our customers have a service that you can depend. 

Anthony, Graduation

Since 2002 I have been a trainer of driving instructors, nowadays most of my work is either in a classroom via courses like the speed awareness courses, UK familiarisation, Advanced driver training, Fleet training or the Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) part 2 and 3 training (instructors examination) as so many people find they need more help on stage 3 than most of the other stages and find that many training companies under deliver on this stage. 

I also run courses to cover the Standards Check Test preparation, Continual Personal Development for instructors, Advanced Driving Training and pass plus including the teacher of Pass Plus Cymru theory/discussion in class training sessions here in South Wales.

Approved Driving Instructor Licence


I have taught many learner drivers over the years and still continue to teach a few now. I specialise in the very nervous learners or learners/drivers that are finding driving or learning to drive challenging, maybe failing a number of tests, sometimes through nerves or they find that other people have said that they will never be a driver.  I also teach learners with special needs. 

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Please take a look at our other instructors below and our testimonials page to see why others recommend us.

Safe driving & have fun


Coles Drivng Academy Clio John is what we call our senior instructor, he has been teaching for many years and most them with us here at Coles Driving Academy. John is very patient, calm and has a very relaxed way of teaching that provides excellent results especially with our most nervous learners.



Lisa teaches in manual car using her VW Polo, You may have seen it, Lisa again like John is very patient and all the learners like her for her lovely nature and teaching style.

Jason Feista

Jason has been teaching for us for many years now and his experience shines, just like the rest of our instructors he has a very high pass rate but not only high he does like ensuring that the test marking sheet remains clean (zero faults). He pays attention to detail and again just like the other instructors has a very high grade as you would imagine from the above. Jason is currently teaching in the Ford Focus, which looks very sporty and smart as he takes great care of his cars.


Nick has been teaching learner drivers as long as I have (Anthony) Nick is very patient when teaching, nothing phases him and the car he uses is a VW Up, this is an amazing car ideal for around town as it is easy to drive, with Nicks high level of instruction he produces safe driving for life, very good test results, high pass rates. Nick just like the other instructors is highly experienced in all styles of driving and driving tests.

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-10 at 09.14.15

Teck teaches in a Seat Ibiza, and is a very calm instructor which is proving to be an asset for us here at the academy just like the other instructors. He fully understands the concept of getting good test results by ensuing that his learners are safe drivers.

Malcolm retired at Christmas time and we are currently seeking another instructor to take his place, if you are instructor and looking for a franchise please do get in touch. 

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Anthony teaches in a  manual A-Class Mercedes and a Ford Fusion automatic. 

Could you see yourself here? We are always looking for good driving instructors to join us, so if you have what it takes to teach learner drivers or drivers, whether it be for fleet, advanced, etc Please get in touch we would really like to hear from you.

For franchise details and interview Ring 029 2031 5355

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