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After the “L” Test

After the test:


After you have passed the UK provisional test you are on probation for two years, if you obtain six or more penalty points you will lose your licence and will have to reapply for a provisional licence. This means starting all over again, theory test and practical, therefore your licence is a valued asset to you so you should ensure you continue to drive safely and gain more experience in the years ahead. 

The lessons and provisional test gave you the experience of learning procedures rules and safe driving, all you need to do is continue to gain experience and improve on these and there is no better way of gaining further experience quickly than taking a course and learning things that you was not able to explore and practice as a learner driver, as the years go by though many drivers forget what they have been taught, some pick up bad habits, due to these many drivers become involved in collisions or just have points on there licence. 

Here at Coles Driving Academy we have a course to suit most drivers, from Pass Plus for after the learner test, refresher courses, UK familiarisation courses, how to work out the speed limits, motorway tuition, Parking into bays, multi storey car park parks or into drive ways, Eco  driving, defensive driving, confidence courses due to people being involved in a collision or for insurance purposes, advanced driving courses which can be concluded with an advanced driving test with many of the top motoring organisations like the Institute of Advanced Drivers. Se below for a description and a link to page that may have a course to suit you.

Pass Plus:

L_plate_greenHow would you like to have a discount of maybe 30% off your first years insurance!

Shortly after you have passed the practical test you can improve your driving further by taking a Pass plus course with us. This is a scheme that comprises of 6 modules including town, motorway and all weather driving. After successful completion you will receive a certificate, which with participating insurance companies will give, discounts on their car insurance premiums of sometimes 30% or more.

The discount could pay for your actual pass plus course and still save you money within the first year let alone the savings in the following years to come. Here at Coles Driving Academy Our instructors are pass plus accredited by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and can carry out this course for you, click here for further details.

Refresher courses:

We carry out a number of refresher courses, these are designed around your needs. It maybe a case that you need help on a particular junction or roundabout. It maybe you haven't driven for a long time and want the reassurance that we are on hand to help you back onto the road safely. Maybe you keep getting involved in accidents and would benefit from additional training. For further information and to discuss your needs further call us now on 02920 315 355 or 077 6453 0195

We carry out courses for parking into bays or on road into narrow spaces. Many company car parks are introducing reversing only into bays to make safer exits and reduce accidents, this exercise is often overlooked whilst teaching a learner!

Motorway Tuition:

Here at Coles Driving Academy we carry out motorway tuition which includes changing lanes route planning, entrance on and exit off, smart motorways and understanding the rules & regulations. If you need help in this area call us now on 02920 315 355 or 077 6453 0195

Advanced Driving Course:

As a driver your driving should evolve with more and more practice  The more you drive the more experience you will gain. Try to keep to what you have been taught, here at Coles Driving Academy as we teach safe driving for life not just to pass the test. Learn how to become more efficient in your driving whilst keeping a good attitude. Many drivers make mistakes, but it's the good driver that spots them and ensures that these mistakes do not turn into an accident!

We run courses to suit the advanced driver to test standards including IAM, ROSPA and Cardington for driving instructors. Click here for further details.

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