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Advanced Driving

We carry out driver training to highly advanced levels, covering Eco’ driving, defensive driving and the advanced driving courses to enable you to be ready for the advanced driving tests by the following organisations.

Here at Coles Driving Academy we are proud of the standards we maintain not just within our teaching but our driving as well. Anthony is not only a grade 6 instructor but many other qualifications within teaching and driving including an IAM certificate for advanced driving along with a Cardington special grade “A “ certificate, this is the highest level of advanced driving any instructor can achieve.

Our advanced driving courses covers:-

1. Documents Checks. Check of your insurance, MOT (If Applicable) and your driver’s licence. Many people drive with an expired driving licence, our checks here can assist you to ensure that your licence is in date, covers the category of vehicle that you drive and when you will need to renew your licence. 

2. Vehicle Safety Checks. Some basic vehicle checks to ensure that your car is roadworthy and to teach you how to continually check your vehicle on a regular basis.

3. Initial Driver Assessment. We will then assess your driving time depending due to which course you book, make some notes and forward them to you and this will help you determine your strong and weak points. This will also help us as instructors to structure the course to suit you.

4. Help With Driving Problems. The training can be adapted to suit your needs and can be focused on particular areas or problems that you may be experiencing, for example roundabouts or parking. After the initial assessment at the beginning of the training be able to tell you what you need to work on. At the end of the course your trainer will re-assess your driving so you can see the improvements you have made

5. Defensive Driving. (Also known as Advanced Driver Training) This part of the training is not at all like the driving lessons you would have taken to pass your driving test. Your trainer is a fully trained professional and will conduct the training sessions in a relaxed and informative coaching style. You will learn defensive driving skills based on the Police Road Craft (advanced driving) manual helping you to‚ identify and deal with potential hazards, learn about car sympathy, car control and handling skills. This defensive driving has been developed to improve your driving skills and awareness and reduce your chances of being in a road traffic collision.

6. Fuel Saving You will also be encouraged to plan further ahead to avoid unnecessary gear changing, harsh use of controls, like braking and acceleration. In addition to making your journey safer this technique will also save you money by reducing petrol consumption (obtaining more miles to the gallon or litre if you prefer….) ensuring your Co2 output remains low which helps the environment and it will also save you money by reducing the wear and tear on your vehicle, again giving better economy, All-in-all saving you money and the environment. Many of clients have reported that it even reduces the stress of driving especially in traffic jams!

7. End of Course Assessment‚
At the end of the course your instructor will hand/send you an assessment sheet detailing your improvements and also any problem areas that you may need to be aware of for further practice or training. 

Along with a copy of the road craft handbook (or a similar product if not available at the time of the course) and a copy of the highway code.

What to Bring on the Day:- 

  • A Suitable Roadworthy Vehicle (however our cars can be used if you let us know in advance) 
  • Both halves of your Drivers Licence for the new style licence or passport and old licence. Please check it is valid, start and end date as you will not be allowed to take the course with an expired licence and you will be charged for the course.
  • A MOT Certificate (If applicable) 
  • Your Insurance Certificate 
  • Some of the benefits of the course(s) 

The Benefits • Experienced DVSA Approved Instructors • Become a Safer and Smoother Driver • Less Likely To Be Involved In Collisions • Easily Identify and Avoid Potential Hazards • Reduce Your Fuel Consumption • Reduce Stress Within The Drive • Cheaper Insurance

Driver Risk Assessment Reports

If you are driving for work and require a detailed driver risk assessment report we can provide this along with an action plan if further training or practice needs to be carried out, the report will show details of the driver’s skills and any potential risk areas.

The cost of the course will be:-

• ½ day £120.00 

• 1 day £220.00 

• 1 ½ days £310.00 

• 2 Days £420.00 

Note - A copy of the police driving handbook RoadCraft or similar will be included in full day price.

• Hourly rates are £41.00 per hour (Road Craft not Included)

If you would like further information regarding Eco', Defensive or Advanced driving call now on 02920 315 355 or email us by using our contact page or complete our quick form below

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