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Practical Test

The Practical Driving Test: 

You can book your practical driving test here. Watch a video on how to book your driving test. Also manage your test booking online Along with what will happen on your test by following these links

You have to obtain a pass in the theory & hazard perception test before you can apply for the practical driving test however you may be exempt from this to find out visit the DVSA web site

Please ensure that you have the correct documents prior going to the test centre for further information ask you driving instructor or click here.

The Practical driving test is a test on your ability to drive safely, complete the set exercises and demonstrate to the examiner through your driving that you have a thorough knowledge of the Highway Code. If you make a mistake continue as it may well not be serious enough to have failed you, dwell on it and your concentration will possibly deteriorate and other mistakes could be made which are more serious.

You will be ready for the test when you have reached the standard set out in “The official Driving Test” book. Your instructor will inform you when you are ready for this. At this point you will be able to drive consistently well, with confidence and without help or guidance from your driving instructor. Waiting until you are ready will in the end save you money. Our instructors carry out a mock tests to provide you with a true reflection of your driving in readiness for the test; your instructor can arrange for another instructor to carryout this mock test giving an even greater true life experience of the test.

Your test will last around 40 minutes

At the start of your test you will be asked if you would like your instructor or the person that accompanied  you to the test to sit in the back of the car during the test, or and be present at the end of the test for a debrief.

You will need to read in good daylight (with the aid of glasses or contact lenses if worn) a registration mark fixed to a motor vehicle with letters and figures 79.4 millimetres high at a distance of 20.5 meters (20 meters for a new style number plate). You may take a peice of paper and pen to write down the number if it is easier for you to. If you fail the eyesight test, you will be unable to take the driving test.

You will also be required to carry out safety checks on your vehicle. This will be carried out with the examiner asking you two questions “show me” and “tell me for further information on the show me, tell me questions click here

As of 4th December 2017 you will be asked to carry out one of three set exercises:

Park on the right hand side of the road and reverse for two car lengths, drive forward into a parking bay  and reverse out (to the left/right) a reverse park (either into a parking bay or behind a car on road to the left)

You may be asked to carry out an emergency stop (controlled stop). Due to the nature of this exercise only one in three candidates are asked to carry out the emergency stop, as we should never have to use this in our general driving.

During the test you will be asked to drive independently for about 20 minutes, this will be in a form of following directions via a sat nav with 1 in 5 tests following road signs.

To pass this test you must not obtain more than 15 minor faults or any serious or dangerous faults. You will need to drive just as you have been taught, changing the way you drive could lead to faults being made.

At the end of the test the examiner will inform you of a pass or fail result. If you have passed you can ask for a debrief of your faults so that you can work on them so that they do not happen again. He/She will then complete the relevant paper work needed.

If you fail the test the examiner will offer you a debrief of the faults. You can refuse however it would be good to know what had happened even if you think you know. Our instructors can "sit in" on the debrief at your request as the information is your data and therefore becomes protected under the data protection act, we cannot listen to this debrief without your consent.

To see the DSA’s top ten reasons for failing the practical driving test click here

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