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Mature Drivers Assessment

The mature drivers assessment is a 60 minute driving assessment with one of our experienced driving instructors.

Maybe you would like to give this as a gift to a loved one as a second opinion to help decide if they are still safe to drive and help with a difficult and sensitive decision of when and if to stop driving.

Perhaps you or your loved one have become concerned that your reactions aren’t as quick as they used to be, or that your general driving ability is not what it used to be. 

Maybe you have had a break from driving for a while and need to reassure yourself that your driving is up at a reasonable standard.

We can offer impartial advice to help you make the correct decision. 

How we carry out the assessment:-

Firstly we want to ensure that what we do does not add any stress and that the driver feels comfortable when with us. To do this we use your own vehicle, one that you are comfortable with.


We use familiar routes that you use on a regular basis.

You can have a family member to sit in the back of the car.

At the end we will make our findings known to you orally and in if requested a written report to recognise your driving and if needed give advice where needed.

The cost of this assessment is £37.00 and this could be one of the best investments that you ever make. You may be able to get your money back in less wear and tear or less fuel consumption from our help and advice. Many that take this assessment has gone on to taking further courses in Eco driving or advanced driving.

To book you assessment now, contact us on the form below or call our office on 029 2031 5355 or 077 6453 0915

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