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Lu just passed her driving test

Our thanks has to go to all our trainees, clients and learners for their kind words, cards, emails and texts as we really appreciate them.  It has been our pleasure to be of assistance and the reviews or testimonials below are only a small amount that we receive each week and we all thank you for giving your kind permission to place these onto our web site our Facebook page and other online review sites, please take a moment to read some.

Please keep them coming in, it makes us feel good knowing we are doing (most of the time) a great job! If you would like to see your testimonial on this page please send it to us via text or email please add a picture of yourself and I’ll paste it on, take care all and safe driving.

Instructor: John Nedrud

John was incredibly patient and reassuring during my time with him. The lessons always ended on a positive note with him going through what went well and the improvements. Good conversion yet encouraged me to focus when I need to. Great experience.

Instructor: John Nedrud

I can honestly say I had so much fun learning to drive. John is absolutely fab. He is calm, patient and really wants the best for you. Everything is done with the right balance of safety and humour, as everything should be in life! I was very nervous when I started learning to drive, but I always felt safe in my lessons. He really tailors the lessons to suit an individual. Nothing was introduced before I was ready, and so I learnt everything confidently as everything I was doing he knew I was capable of. I learnt something new every lesson, and no time was wasted. If I did something wrong, we tried it again, I was never made to feel silly. John has the patience of a saint, I've never met anyone with quite that much patience! He's incredible really. When I look back on my driving lessons, I will always remember them being filled with lots of laughter and lots of learning. I really enjoyed the process, and so will be doing the pass plus scheme with John. I wouldn't chose anyone else! The best you'll find. I couldn't recommend him highly enough. He's the best of the best.

Instructor: Nick

I would definitely recommend nick to everyone as he made me feel relaxed and comfortable, teaching me and making me understand very well. Nicks teaching made me super confident and he is very professional

Instructor Anthony 

Just like to say well done to Lucy on passing her test today with me. As always we aim for 100% pass rate and Lucy did us proud. 

So well done Lucy all the best for the future, keep safe its has been an absolute pleasure teaching you. Anthony.

Instructor: Lisa

Lisa is a great driving instructor. She is always very clam, encouraging and positive! She has the ability to make you feel as ease during the lessons. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. Bethan

Instructor: Mal

I sat my test today and passed first time. My instructor Mal was brill throughout the learning process and the day of the test I can’t thank you enough 

Sarah K

Instructor Jason 

Anthony - wanted to let you know that I had a fantastic UK familiarity lesson with Jason on May 9th.  I was much more comfortable and confident after the lesson, and had a better understanding of UK traffic rules - like the national speed limit.  I drove all through Wales and Ireland without incident.  And my wife was much calmer even as we drove down a one lane road to get to the Cwm Gwdi car park on the way to hike up Pen Y Fab and Corn Du.  

Thanks very much.

Regards, Tom

Instructor: Mal

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Mal for being such a thorough and patient teacher. I was really nervous about learning to drive and I certainly didn't expect to pass first time! I couldn't have done it without such excellent teaching. 

Thanks again, Amy

Instructor: Lisa

I'd like to thank my instructor Lisa!!! I  wouldn't have wanted any other instructor, felt at home, calm and at ease right away and made learning to drive enjoyable!! A very understanding and patient instructor who I have recommended to all of my friends learning to drive!! Thank you Lisa!!

Instructor: John Nedrud

Easily passed my test to have the manual restriction removed from my license.  I've been driving for over 24 years and had a lot of bad habits.  John identified these quickly and gave me great tips to help me correct these.  John offered training that was well planned and focussed and easy to fit into my work schedule.  Thanks! Guy.

Instructor: Mal

I will like to say thank you very much to Mal for being such a patient and amazing instructor. Thank you for correcting my silly mistakes in a calm manner. Still can't believe I have finally passed. 

Thanks Mal.

Instructor: John

Would like to thank John for helping me pass my driving test. He was very patient and put up with a lot of stupid mistakes but always remained calm I would highly recommend John, brilliant instructor!!!

Instructor: Lisa Wason

Hi, passed my test 1st time today. I felt comfortable from our first lesson and you have been absolutely amazing, always patient and highly professional. I would definitely recommend Lisa.


Instructor: John Nedrud

Hi, I would just like to tell you how great John is. He needs a medal for putting up with me . 

I was a very nervous driver and no confidence  I didn't always take it serious and liked a laugh and a joke. Don't think anyone else would have put up with me. He was very patient and a very good teacher. I couldn’t have done it without him. 

I still don't believe I passed but I have driven straight away . I couldn't have done this without John making me believe in myself. Thank you so much. Will highly recommend John and Coles.


Instructor: Lisa

Jess passed first time today with no faults .We are thrilled . Lisa was absolutely amazing from day one . Always very happy, patient and highly professional . Exactly what a parent needs when their child is taking this very big step . Can’t thank her enough and definitely would highly recommend to others  Thanks Lisa

Instructor: Sophie

I passed 2nd time with 2 minors which I am really chuffed about and it’s all down to Sophie, so thank you so much, she got me driving when I thought I'd never get there.

She was very friendly and calming which is what I needed right from the start. Her quirky sayings like ‘ cars are not hairy, don't shave them' will, I know stay with me forever. 

There were times I cried and wanted to give up but she gave me the confidence to push on and just do it…..'shake it off' another of her sayings.

Sophie, driving with you I will miss along with the laughs too. I would highly recommend Sophie and as she knows I already have. It was lovely meeting and getting to know you Sophie and I wish you every success in everything that you do in the future, I hope you don't miss my 'whoop whoops' too much!! 😜Take care and thank you again.

Karen xxx

Instructor: Nick 

I just wanted to say a big thank you to my instructor David Nicholas Jones, as I passed my driving test today — first time with only 2 minors :)  I have booked onto Pass Plus Cymru course for 06 October, so will hopefully see him again in future. Luke

Instructor: John Nedrud

Many thanks John, 1st time pass, excellent. Jack

Instructor: Jason

I tried other driving instructors before I identified Coles driving academy. The manager recommended Jason to teach me. Jason is very professional and a wonderful tutor . He taught me the right way to pass my practical test. I passed 1st time with him. I recommend him to anyone who wants a tutor with an honest desire to help you pass. Thanks Jason. 


Instructor: Sophie

I wanted to take the time to pass on my thanks to Sophie for all her patience and confidence boosting!  The feedback and notes at the end of every lesson were rewarding and useful. She never let me down over a lesson (even if I had to once due to the flu)!.

I really enjoyed our lessons and can honestly say it felt like driving with a friend.

Whilst I didn't pass 1st time, I did on the 2nd attempt.  Sophie made sure I did not lose focus or confidence and I will always appreciate that.

So, a BIG thank you for making sure I never gave up. Wendy

Instructor: Malcolm 

I passed my test today thanks to malcolm he would always explain things in full and make sure i understood he was always on time for lessons and even waited for me once when i was running late i would like to say a big thank you to malcolm and would recommend him to anyone thank u. Nathan

Instructor: Lisa

Thanks to Lisa I really enjoyed my driving lessons and passed first time - I would recommend her to anyone as she is easygoing and took all the initial nerves about learning to drive away as she is so friendly and supportive! Couldn't have done it without her!! :)

Instructor Jason

Thanks to Jason I passed first time with only 1 minor! By the end of my lessons I felt confident on the roads, and able to deal with any driving situation safely and calmly. Looking to do my pass plus with him also. Adam

Instructor: Malcolm

I would just like to thank Malcolm for all his hard work over the past several months. I had previously failed my test elsewhere and lacked confidence with my driving. I found Malcolm to be really helpful as he always made sure that he would explain things carefully and in detail. He always wanted to get the most out of my lessons and he made sure that anything which I was struggling with, we would continue to practice on until I had improved.

In the end, I passed with only 5 minors and I couldn't have done it without him. I would happily recommend Malcolm to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Thank you, Cameron

"When I met Anthony I knew he was the right person to teach my daughter. I was right, she really enjoyed her lessons because he gave her confidence and made it fun. She passed first time and is a calm steady driver now. I have recommended and would continue to Coles Driving Academy to anyone who wants their teenager to become a safe sensible driver.” Diana.

Instructor: Lisa

So glad I was giving Lisa’s number she was brill. I had 9 lessons and passed first time thank you x 


Hi Anthony, its Liam. I have completed my pass plus training with Sophie, I passed it, I must say I enjoyed it, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, I had a 4 and a half hour lesson on motorways yesterday, I feel I can use motorways by myself now, so it was worth doing.

Hi Sophie,

Was a pleasure doing pass plus with you, I now feel confident to use motorways if anytime in the future I need to! Thanks for your help and advice and most importantly thanks for putting up with me! 

Thanks for the coffee up the Midlands in England as well! Was lovely. Thanks anyway! Liam

Instructor: Lisa

Dear Mr Coles 

I passed my test first time today (23/2/15) and I wanted to let you know how fantastic an instructor Lisa is.

I was extremely nervous about learning to drive, but Lisa's sense of humour really calmed me down. Lisa treated me like a friend from the off and I felt comfortable and safe under her instruction and never felt embarrassed about making mistakes. 

Lisa hasn't just taught me how to drive, but how to be a safe and a respectful driver and I feel confident that I can deal with any situation that may occur in my 'driving life’.

I want to thank Lisa so much for being patient with me, always being able to provide a fabulous conversation and above all giving me my freedom and believing in me. 

Thank you, Molly

Instructor: Jason

Having moved over here from Canada Jason helped me pass my test on my first time after only 4 lessons!!

He knows exactly what to teach you not only to pass your test but to be a safe and smooth driver. Caitlin 

Instructor: Sophie

I passed my test second time today at the start I was really nervous but with Sophie's persistence and constant re assuring I am now a confident and safe driver I highly recommend Coles and Sophie as she took the time and effort to pass my test thank you very much Sophie :) Joshua

Instructor: Lisa 

Lisa was an excellent instructor who always made me feel welcome and calm. Her sense of humour helped me to feel confident and she treated me as a friend. 

I always looked forward to my lessons and she was always available especially in the days up to my test. Lisa was always encouraging and believed that I could do anything. 

I didn’t feel silly making mistakes and she taught me how to learn from them. With the help from Lisa I passed my test for the first time in just 5 weeks. 

Lisa has taught me how to be a safe driver and to respect other road users. I want to thank Lisa for helping me through it and always believing i could do it, as well as making me feel confident and providing me with freedom! 

Thank you very much! Mary

Instructor: Sophie

A huge thank you to Sophie, my amazing driving instructor who took me from nervous wreck with hands shaking on the wheel to passing first time with no minors  Sophie made me feel really safe and relaxed in the car and I looked forward to my lessons and our fun conversations and will miss them. Sophie

Instructor: Malcolm Pascoe

I would just like to give a massive thank you to Malcolm for helping me pass my driving test. 

As a nervous driver, I never thought I'd see the day of actually passing my test. Malcolm was great at building my confidence behind the wheel, and not only that, remained professional at all times, by not cancelling any lessons, showing up early to my lessons, and was happy to book my lessons as far as 3-4 weeks in advance to ensure I could fit in my lessons around my awkward shift patterns. Malcolm ensured that I not only passed my test, but to be as safe as possible on the road. He is a credit to Coles Driving Academy. 

Laura 😄 

Instructor: Malcolm Pascoe

Just want to thank instructor Malcolm Pascoe for helping me pass first time with just 10 hours - Malcolm is an excellent teacher who gives clear instructions and demonstrations - couldn't of passed without him - thanks Mal 😄 Jamile

Instructor: Lisa

I would just like to say how lucky I was to have such a fantastic and passionate teacher as Lisa. 

Learning to drive has to be one of the most enjoyable experiences and quite daunting at the beginning. However having Lisa as an instructor made me look forward to every lesson and improve as a young driver. Through the teaching and guidance over the four months I was learning I passed first time.

Thank you Lisa for giving me the confidence and experience to be able to drive safely as a fully qualified driver, and experience the enjoyment of learning to drive.


Instructor: Malcolm Pascoe

I would like to say thank you to Malcolm for helping me pass my driving test first time with one minor fault. Malcolm is an experienced and excellent driver instructor who is patient all the time. He gauged my ability well and tailored lessons accordingly. It has been enjoyable to take lessons from Malcolm and I would highly recommend him to anyone! :) Elaine

Instructor: Jason

Having moved over here from Canada Jason helped me pass my test on my first time after only 4 lessons!!

He knows exactly what to teach you not only to pass your test but to be a safe and smooth driver. Caitlin

Instructor: Jason

Hi I would like to thank Jason for all the work he has put in me :) thank you for teaching me how to drive and stay safe on the road oh and for passing first time :) Wish you all the best !!! Mirek

Learning to drive at 40 was a daunting task but Sophie was fantastic every step or drive!)of the way. A great tutor who believed in me and gave me the skills and confidence to pass my test 1st TIME. I could not be happier!! 

Thank you


Instructor: Lisa

Passed my test 1st time with Lisa. Lisa is a hilarious, patient and helpful instructor and I always looked forward to our lessons and had a great time-learning with her. 


Instructor: Sophie

I passed my test today with 2 minors! Thank you very much Sophie, it's all down to you ! And thank  you Jason for the mock test. Many thanks again !


Instructor: Jason

Thank you Jason for all the hard work you have put in to teaching me to drive safely on the road and for giving me a skill that will prove most valuable in my future. ;) 9.95/10

Instructor: Sophie

Just like Rach, I passed my test 1st time today with only 3 minors!!! 

Couldn't have done it without Soph!! Would recommend her to anyone! 

Thank you so much for putting up with my effing and jeffing and frustration but I got there in the end thanks to you!! 

The Mock Test with Anthony was a great preparation for the real test. 

Thank you!!! Amber

Instructor: Sophie

Passed my test today first time! THANK YOU ever so much Sophie! You’ve been an amazing instructor! And thank you Anthony for giving me a Mock test before the real thing. 

Thanks again guys! Really appreciated! 

Good luck in the future! 

Take care.


Anthony just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help and support over the last few months and for being so patient with me I know I'm not the easiest person when I'm nervous! I don’t think I would have passed If I had been with anyone else so thank you so much 😊

Instructor: Jason

Passed my test today on my first attempt thanks to all the help and support off Jason!  Throughout the process, Jason calmed my nerves and gave me the push I needed to get on the road.  Wouldn't have been able to do it without his support!!  Thanks again!! :-)

A BIG thank you to Jason.

He is a legendary instructor. He had a lot of faith and confidence in me. He gave me the push I needed each lesson to conquer my nerves which led to passing my test FIRST time! Thanks for all your help, dude!

Scotty Randall

Instructor: Lisa Wason

A big thank you to Lisa for all her support and tuition with my son. She gave him his confidence back. A lovely patient lady and nothing was too much trouble. I will definitely be recommending her. Thanks Lisa.


I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to you in helping me pass my test first time, you gave me so much confidence when inside I was so nervous and you helped me overcome all my fears, your tuition was fantastic and would most definitely recommend you to every one, thanks again,


Instructor: Jason 

Just a thank you to Jason for helping me pass my test. You were great with everything, still a shock that I passed first time :) couldn’t have done the theory without you either. Thanks again and all the best. 


Thank you!

I want to thank John Nedrud for getting me through my driving test! I'm a nervous driver and he was very patient and great at building my confidence and skills as a driver. I've eventually got there in my early thirties and  I am looking forward to getting on the road. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a driving instructor especially if they’re a bit anxious about it! 

Thank's again John. Beep beep! Mel.

Dear Mr Coles 

I would just like to take this opportunity to inform you that Matt is a brilliant driving instructor. I have had several driving instructors in the past (none from Coles Driving Academy) and none of which have been as patient and have motivated me as much as Matt. In fact, I had pretty much given up ever thinking of passing my test until the intensive course I have just had with Matt. He has managed to help me get through my driving test first time and with only 4 minor faults, all of which I credit him for through his patience, motivation and clear instruction. 

He is a credit to your company and I would fully recommend him to any of my family and friends. 

Kind regards 


Thank you Cathrine for the kind words, as we say we are just doing our job!

A VERY big thank you to Anthony who in my eyes is the best driving instructor out there! I could not have passed my test first time without his humour , patience and all of his support. Not only did he help me pass my test first time with only a couple of minors but also my elder sister and brother. I would highly recommend Coles driving academy to anyone. Thank - you Anthony!

Thanks Alys for the card and email and allowing us to use this on our site.

 Give my regards to your brother and sister.

"I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to Coles Driving Academy. From my very first lesson with Sharon I felt relaxed and at ease. Having failed my test 4 times with a previous driving school it is fair to say that I thought I'd never pass. My instructor gave me the confidence to change my negative attitude and I passed first time with Coles!"


I would highly recommend Coles Driving Academy to anyone who wants to learn to drive. You really helped me get a better understanding of driving in general as well as giving me so much help and advice with manoeuvres  and she really helped me get over my nerves to pass my test. Lessons are a good laugh as well! Thanks for all your help and patience, seriously could not have done it without you!

I will get in contact with you hopefully at some point this week about pass plus! 

Cheers, Ben 

Hi Anthony, 

I would wholeheartedly recommend Coles' Driving School to anyone. 

Rhodri encouraged and helped my nervous son, with a relaxed and friendly manner, to success in passing his driving test. My son not only respected but genuinely liked Rhodri. 

From the outset, Anthony, who arranged my son's programme, was professional but friendly and caring. The whole schedule fitted in around us and the communication at all times from Anthony was excellent. Nothing was too much trouble and at all times I felt like we were in safe hands. We were fortunate in our choice of driving school. 

Our report would read, “ Could not do better”.... and to anyone who would be considering their options, I would endorse Coles Driving Academy and Anthony and urge them to choose Coles Driving Academy. 


Hi, just a quick note to thank your driving school for all the help in passing my driving test. In particular, my proved to be very supportive and an excellent driving instructor. I will ensure that I recommend your driving school to others. Once again, thanks. 

Barry Stevens 

Dear Anthony, 

Just wanted to give my thanks for all your help on getting me through my driving test. I have been brandishing my 'I passed first time with Coles driving academy' pen with pride. And using my new driving skills to do a lot of the driving! 

I was quite surprised to pass in such a short space of time but it was a credit to him as I simply summoned up the concentration needed to put in to effect everything he'd taught me. 

Thanks again, Yours, Robin 

Hi, I just wanted to say what a great instructor Lyndsey is. Being a nervous driver she is extremely patient and encouraging and I look forward to my lessons with her. I couldn't ask for a better instructor!


Hi Anthony! 

Long time no see! I keep seeing 'Coles' cars around Cardiff, and it reminded me that I've been meaning to write to say thank you for a while: I really enjoyed my driving lessons with you (when I was doing ok..!) and actually quite miss them now! Thank you for your excellent advice and teaching, and for your incredible patience throughout!! I was utterly amazed when I passed, and very grateful to you for getting me through. 

I've given the Pass Plus some thought, and I've decided it is probably best that I wait until I get my first car, and then I will no doubt need some top up lessons. In the meantime, I'm getting out in my mum's car as much as possible, and getting to be quite a 'back-seat driver' when my sister and friends are driving, always double checking the blind spots for them etc etc! (much to their annoyance!) 

I've also had a couple more friends enquire about driving lessons, and I'm always quick to recommend you and pass on your number! 

I hope it's all going well for you. Thank you again for your help. 
All the best for the future, and no doubt I'll see you around the streets of Cardiff from time to time! 

Best wishes, 

Would just like to say a huge cheers to Malcolm for everything and for showing me easier and safer ways to do pretty much everything. Got through first time thanks to you! 

All the best! Will’ 

Anthony is an awesome teacher with the patience of a saint, with a fab sense of humour. He made me more confident on the road and helped me pass first time.

Nat x

Hi Lisa, 

I would just like to thank you for helping me pass my test. I really don't think I could have done it without you. You were absolutely wonderful, and you made driving fun which I never thought it could be!! 

Thanks a Million, 


Alisa just passed her driving test

Thanks a lot Anthony, you did a great job with Rhiannon and Lowri before her. We will recommend you to everyone!

Thanks again


Learner that has just passed

Hi Just to say Jason is a great instructor I cannot thank him enough!

My name is David Brittain and I’ve just passed my driving test with Coles driving school. It only took me about 15 lessons and I passed with 2 minors. 

Mongolia rally sponsorship

Learning to drive with Coles Driving Academy has made me so confident that I have no worries about driving all the way from London to Mongolia this summer for The Mongol Rally. Coles has given me a lot of support, getting me through the system quickly and smoothly, and after my pass have even helped me with a sponsorship to make this adventure possible. I can’t thank them and recommend them enough. 
Sponsorship car
On the 19th of July my partner and I are leaving from London along with another 300 cars heading towards Mongolia. There are no support teams, and no one bailing you out once you’re on the road. It is a true old-fashioned adventure! We will be going through countries like the Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan, all in the name of charity. We are raising a minimum of £1000 for charities like Hope and Homes and …… and have had great help from Coles driving academy. 

I want to thank Coles for helping me with the rally, and making sure I passed first time. Without you it would have been a very long way to Mongolia as a back seat driver!

To visit, help with sponsorship or donate to the charities that David and his partner are helping go to to monitor their progress

'Hi Anthony 

I’m writing a long over-due email to say a huge thank you to Mal for all his patience and good humour in teaching me to drive and getting me through my test (first time!) back in October. Mal is an excellent instructor, very knowledgeable and always patient. 

Thanks Mal – I’m finally making progress! ;) 


Anthony just wanted to thank you for succeeding where others have failed! I immediately felt comfortable from our first lesson and you managed to somehow get into my psyche and rid me of all my bad driving habits that I had picked up over the last three years! Thanks to you I passed 3rd time lucky (first test with Coles Driving Academy). Thanks Again & best of luck for the future.x Gemma

To Coles Driving Academy . 

Thanks for your all the help that you gave me to enable me to pass my test 1st time . 

I didn't have a clue how to drive on my first lesson with you and with you only giving me 6 lessons, I go and pass with 3 minors. 

Greatest teacher in world . 




Thank you for your patience, support and excellent sense of humour! I really enjoyed our lessons and I don't think anybody else could have got me test-ready!

Liz x


You are the best, thanks for all the support to get me through, see you for pass plus.


Thanks Coles for the lessons they were quality. Cool learner that has just passed his test

My Driving instructor is up there with some of the greatest people in the last millennium, Ghandi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King. He truly is a wise man, whose thinking exceeds mere mortals. On a more serious note he can actually teach pretty well. 

Thank you and Goodnight Joel Sandhu 

Good afternoon Anthony, 

I would like to take the opportunity to inform you that I just passed my practical driving test. 

I believe this was in no small part thanks to the excellent guidance of my instructor, without whom I would most certainly have struggled. 

Have a good weekend. 

Sin Yee

Thank you card drawn by one of learners

Dear John

Thanks for all your help in getting me to pass my driving test!

All the best


Hi Anthony,

Cheers fella's for the "top class" training, a first time PASS and a great laugh! 

By far the best driving school in Cardiff...  Take Care fella's n thanks again!!!!!

Thanks for making learning to drive a very enjoyable experience. I will not hesitate in recommending you to all

Best Wishes, Duncan

Thank you so much for teaching me & getting me through my test. My Dad says you must have the patients of a saint (and you have!) Thanks for everything, Laura

Learner with pass certificate, matts learnerHello!

i just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU  for helping me pass, i never thought i'd be able to do it, but thanks to his professional and fun tuition i did and with only 4 minors :) 

Thank you lots, Jenny :)

Hello Anthony,

I would just like to say the training you gave me was invaluable to passing my ADI part 3 1st time, which I accomplished on 15th May 2007 at Barry test centre. 

Hi Ant

Just wanted to say a big thank you! I couldn't have done it without you, see you soon


To Anthony
Learner with pass certificate male

My PST's were mirrors/emergency stop & progress/hesitancy & position, I achieved a 4/5 which was more than I expected. The little gems of wisdom you pass on are what truly make not only a good test pass but a good driving instructor.

I am also now fortunate to have joined Coles driving academy as a full time instructor and hope that I benefit  from your experience for many years to come. Thanks  Boss!!!

Matthew Cox

Good afternoon,

Just a quick email to ask you to pass on a big thank you to Malcolm for getting my daughter,Learner with pass certificate  and Linda car Emma through her driving test - first time!

The whole time Emma was learning to drive I heard nothing but praise for Malcolm who managed to get her through all the ups and downs of learning to drive. Malcolm was thoroughly professional and I was very impressed with the documentation provided by your school. I would have no hesitation in recommending your school to others!

Thanks again


Dear Anthony, I have today, with the help of your company and superb instructor past my practical driving test. "Coles driving academy" is the third driving school I have used in the past 4 years, the first in Cardiff, but by far the best. Today was my fourth attempt at my practical test, in as many years. From my very first lesson with my Malcolm, just two months ago, my confidence grew rapidly. He was friendly, informative, reassuring and always so positive. He is a credit to your team and your company. I had no doubt today I would pass, and pass well, with only 5 minors. I will definitely be using "Coles" for my "Pass plus certificate" in the next few weeks. Thank you to you and your team

Paul Davies


Just wanted to show my appreciation to Mal who helped me pass my driving test first time- something which i thought was beyond possible!! He was fun to learn from and i will be recommending him to all my other non-driving friends!! Cheers Mal and Anthony!!


Hiya Anthony,

I've been trying to get around to email you for sometime but never seemed to have managed to! I just wanted to thank you for helping me to pass my test, well actually I wanted to commend Malcolm because I think he is a very thorough, good, instructor and gave me the confidence to drive. Most of my friends have passed their test but ill make sure to wholeheartedly recommend him to those who haven't yet. 


Hi Ant,

It's ur window cleaner here! I passed today with no faults!!!!!

Cheers for everything


To Mal,

Just wanted to say thanks for everything. Still can't believe I passed 1st time!! Take care. Steph

To Anthony

Many thanks for helping me pass 1st time & your patience for the past 6-7 months



Hi, Learner with pass certificate

Thanks very much for all the driving lessons and for getting me through my test. Passed 2nd time, and was really pleased (and surprised!).

Thanks again. Emily 


Hi Anthony, Just thought I'd drop you a quick line. Passed Pt 2, 1st attempt. Only 2 minors (one contentious - chevrons), the other just daft on the way back to TC.

Still, my major issue was going to be the manoeuvres and they were faultless.

Thanks ever so much for the support so far, see you soon for Pt3...


Hi Anthony just a quick email to say I was extremely happy with the professional and friendly service that I received from Coles. I would also like to extend my thanks to my instructor, who gave help and guidance that I felt was additional to the standard required. Thanks again

Mike Jones


Just a quick e-mail to let you know that the drive up the A470 and back to Aberystwyth last week went well! I must admit that I enjoyed the experience despite the roundabouts!

I would also like to say a big thank you to you for giving me the skills and confidence to get behind the wheel again!

Many thanks,  R

Hello Anthony, just wanted to let you know that I think your instructor is FAB, it has taken me a long time to get to today, and I only passed because of her. She is an asset to your company. A real star. I will miss my lessons with her.

Thank you for everything!  Jo

Hi Anthony

First of all a big THANK YOU for all your personal help over the last year. I passed with a 4/4 Emergency stop (with your diagram) and progress Hesitancy Normal road position

Thank you again


Hi Anthony

Thank you for all your help I am so pleased to have passed in under 3 months of learning! My mum is over the moon as she now has her own personal taxi service (or so she thinks)!!!


Hi Anthony

Melanie has just returned from her lesson with John. Thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait for the next one



Anthony, Thank you, I couldn't have done it without your help! What a 1st time pass!


I'd Like to thank you for all your help, Malcolm was an excellent teacher and I passed my test first time!

Yours sincerely


Thank you so much for helping me pass my driving test. You’re the BEST driving instructor in the world. Hope you had a good Christmas. See you soon for Pass Plus.”


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