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Setting of The Mirrors

Correct Setting of The Mirrors


Rule 97 of the highway code talks about before setting off on your journey you should ensure your mirrors are adjusted correctly to ensure maximum vision. To do this we need to check the manufactures guide on how to adjust the mirrors, most modern vehicles have electronic controls, some have a manual arm, your Coles Driving Academy instructor will guide you through the these points in detail, however as a recap please see below.

To correctly set your mirrors you need to understand that the interior mirror is normally flat, a true view of what you can see, very much like a mirror you would find in a bathroom.

The door mirrors are normally convex, this is to try and get more detail however this will give a smaller view.

The inside mirror should be adjusted whilst holding the outer casing of the mirrors so not to get any finger prints or smudges which could distort your view as you need to have a good view of what is behind you.

When you look in to the mirror it should look like a picture frame of the rear window, if the mirror cannot give a full view it should mainly focus on what is behind and to the right, as this is where the main traffic flow will be.

The door mirror should be set so that in the top third of the mirror you would be able to see the horizon if there was nothing behind you and a small amount of your car on the inner part so that you can gain a reference of how close you are to any thing that may appear in them. To adjust them use the control switch on the drivers door or dashboard, if you have a manual arm to adjust them use this, you may have to stretch across to the passenger side and removing your seat belt may help however if you have a passenger you could ask them to adjust it for you.


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