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Cockpit Drill

The Cockpit Drill

As a driver, you become responsible for the vehicle that you drive and part of this responsibility is to ensure not only your safety but also the safety of your passengers during each and every journey. Rule 97 of the highway code helps us with regard to what we need to do before setting off and your Coles Driving Academy instructor will guide you in detail of what and how we do along with why, however as a recap please see below.    

On entry to the vehicle ensure it is safe to open your door and that your passengers are doing the same. Whilst making yourself comfortable, check that all the doors are firmly closed by listening, checking the vehicles warning device when fitted and the door mirrors. If you have children in the vehicle ensure that the child locks are activated.

Your seat should be adjusted so that you are comfortable and be able to have full control with maximum visibility. You should
 be able to push the clutch pedal down to the floor and back up smoothly without stretching or hitting your leg/knee on any other of the controls. You should correctly adjust your head restraint to minimise whiplash in the event of a collision. You should be able to run your hands around the steering wheel without having your arms stretched out. Everyone must wear a seat belt unless they have an exemption document and the driver becomes legally responsible for passengers under the age of 14. Adjust your mirrors to maximise the view to the rear and sides of your vehicle, further details can be found in other recap sheets.

Remember – DSSSM

Rear Doors

Tailgate – Boot

Child Seats

Passenger Air Bag


Seat (Position – Head Restraint - Rake)




Under 14’s


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