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The Foot Controls

The Foot Controls


Your Coles Driving Academy instructor will be able to guide you through what foot controls you have and use whilst learning to drive with us, however as a recap please see below.

The accelerator is the pedal normally to the left in the foot-well; your driving instructor will normally call it the gas pedal, as it is quicker and easier to say. When this pedal is pressed it will place more fuel into the engine and in return producing more power, more power normally means the car going faster, or if you are going up a hill maintaining a speed.  By releasing pressure on the gas pedal you will reduce the power this will then result in either a lower speed or less power. We would normally use the right foot on this pedal and use gentle pressure, pushing it down or releasing it in small amounts. This pedal should feel totally different to the other pedals to make you know just by feel alone which pedal you are using.


The middle pedal is normally the brake pedal, and is normally used with the right foot. When this pedal is pressed, on most cars all four brakes will be applied, more to the front than to the back to gain stability. The more the pedal is pushed the more brake pressure that is applied, the pedal should be used gently and progressively and pressure should be slightly released just prior to the desired speed or stopping to ensure smooth braking without a jolt at the stopping point. This pedal should feel totally different to the other pedals, again to make you know just by feel which pedal you are using. When using this pedal the brake lights will show at the rear of the vehicle, you should always check your mirrors before changing speed, up or down as it may affect other road users. You should be able to pivot your foot between the gas pedal and the brake, this will enable a smoother transfer and use.

The pedal to the left is the clutch pedal, when this pedal is pressed down it disengages the engine from the wheels. Again a totally different feel to the other pedals, the left foot normally operates this pedal. We use this pedal when we are required to change gear, during slow manoeuvres and just prior to coming to a stop to ensure the engine can keep turning whilst the wheels stop.

When pushing the pedal down use a progressive action and push all the way down however when bringing the pedal up to move away when the vehicle starts to move pause your foot movement and then release it the rest of the way once the vehicle is moving, this will give a smoother operation and less chance of stalling. After you have used the pedal place your foot to the side to ensure that you do not allow your foot to rest on the pedal (riding the clutch) and increase wear and tear. You can gain greater control of the pedal by resting your foot on the floor mat whilst operating it.


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